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Nooruddin Fazal, founder of Zyka: The Taste, was born in Hyderabad. He later moved to Mumbai where he enrolled in a hotel management school to follow his passion for cooking, with a focus on Indian cuisine. Nooruddin says, “The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant and mastering quality and consistency is key to pleasing the palate.” Hence, he picked “Zyka” as the name of his restaurant, which means “taste."

Nooruddin continues to visit India and learn from chefs at renowned establishments such as the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Nizam Kitchen of Hyderabad, as well as Pista House. He has made consistent additions to the menu to fulfill his commitment to serve the best quality food representing the taste of Hyderabad.

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Our Story...

Zyka opened its doors to the public in the summer of 1997. Within three months of its, Zyka was a local hit! The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an extremely positive review on Labor Day Weekend which resulted in long lines of customers in the following weeks and months. In the winter of 2020, we opened our second location in Alpharetta, GA. Customers keep going back to Zyka again and again to enjoy Hyderabadi hometown food, which is authentic, nostalgic, and affordable.

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