Chicken 65

Boneless thigh meat marinated in ginger, garlic, and mild spices. Battered and fried. Finished off with Green chiles, cilantro, and fresh curry leaves.  


Tandoori Chicken (Grilled) (GF) 

Skinless chicken leg quarter marinated in our homemade yogurt and freshly ground spices skewered, then grilled.  


Chicken Boti (Grilled) (GF) 

Boneless chunks of chicken breast marinated in our yogurt sauce and freshly ground spices, then grilled to perfection.


Chicken Seekh Kabob (Grilled) (GF) 

Freshly ground chicken thigh meat wrapped around a skewer and grilled on an open fire, seasoned with fresh mint, ginger garlic and a blend of spices. 


Chilli Chicken

Boneless thigh meat marinated in ginger, garlic, jalapeños, and then battered, fried and tempered with diced fresh ginger, garlic, jalapeños and cilantro. 


Vegetable Samosa (2 per order)

Potatoes mixed with vegetables, mild seasonings and wrapped in a light pastry. 


Aloo Tikki (4) 

Potato patties mixed with lentils, mild spices and chopped cilantro, finished in the deep fryer till crisp. 


Gobi Manchurian

Cauliflower florets coated in a spicy batter then deep fried and tempered with finely chopped ginger, garlic, cilantro and chilies. 


Behari Kabob (Grilled)

Boneless angus beef slices marinated in a blend of spices, yogurt, ginger, skewered and grilled on an open fire. 


(Rice and Naan not included) 

Malai Kofta 

Potato croquettes stuffed with cashew nuts, plum raisins and cottage cheese. Served with cashew nuts, raisins and onion gravy.  


Paneer Makhni (GF) 

Cottage cheese cubes homemade served in a cashew nut, tangy tomato, unsalted AAA grade butter, onions and cream sauce.  


Saag Paneer (GF) 

Homemade cheese in a creamy spinach sauce.  


Baghare Baigan (GF)(V) 

Baby eggplant cooked with gravy of sesame seeds, peanuts, tamarind, coconuts, curry leaves and tempered with whole garlic cloves and cumin seeds.  


Dal Hyderabadi (GF)(V) 

A puree of lentils, garden fresh tomatoes, whole red chilies, fresh mint leaves and cumin seeds.  


Chana Masala (GF)(V) 

Chickpeas cooked over a slow fire then blended with spices and tomatoes. A classic North Indian Specialty being served since the 1850s.  


Vegetable Biryani (GF) 

Aged basmati rice with a mixture of fresh garden vegetables, diced potatoes, yogurt and a blend of special spices.  


Bhindi Masala (GF)(V) 

Cut okra blended with fresh tomatoes, sliced onions and a blend of spices.  


(Rice and Naan not included) 

Butter Chicken (GF) 

Marinated, grilled and pulled chicken leg quarters simmered with cashew nut in a creamy tomato gravy, topped with unsalted AAA grade butter.  


Chicken Tikka Masala (GF) 

Chicken breast nuggets roasted in our clay oven and served in a roasted cashew nut, tomato, onion gravy.  


Kadhai Chicken (GF) 

Boneless chicken cooked in our Indian wok with garden fresh tomatoes, ginger juliennes and coarsely ground spices.  


Goat Paya 

Goat trotters cooked overnight on a slow fire with sliced onions, whole pepper¬corns, cardamom and herbs.

  Limited item



Boneless beef shanks simmered till fork tender with organic ginger, garlic and spices to a stew like consistency. A 14th Century North Indian specialty.  


Hyderabadi Biryani (Chicken or Mutton) (GF)

Extra long and aged Basmati rice from the foothills of Himalayas, cooked over bone-in chicken or mutton that is marinated in yogurt and spices.  

Chicken - $11.49
Mutton - $12.99

Chicken Biryani Family Pack (GF) (To-Go Only) 

Extra long and aged Basmati rice from the foothills of Himalayas, cooked over bone-in chicken meat that is marinated in yogurt and spices.  


Chicken Kalimirch 

Boneless chunks of chicken marinated in spices and served with freshly cracked peppercorn gravy


Breads & Side Orders


Flat bread made from a dough of fine white flour and baked in the tandoor till crisp.  


Onions with Lemon 

3 oz. $0.69 | 12 oz. 2.49

Zyka Chutney

Tamarind sauce

3 oz. $0.69 | 12 oz. $2.49

Zyka Yogurt Sauce 

3 oz. $0.69 | 12 oz. $2.49

Saffron Rice 

Naturally aged, aromatic extra long grain rice, richly flavored with Spanish Saffron, a hint of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.  



Chopped onions, tomatoes, diced potatoes, mint & cilantro mixed with yogurt.  



Mango Lassi 

Refreshing mango drink  


Masala Chai

Hot tea with a blend of aromatic spices, milk and sugar. 


Canned Soda(s) 

12 oz of Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite

$1.79 each


Matka Kulfi -
Malai, Mango, and Pistachio

Traditional Indian ice cream served in a clay pot.  


Rasmalai (GF) 

Indian cheese patty soaked in Spanish Saffron, cardamom flavored milk, topped with pistachios.  


Khubani Ka Meetha (GF) 

Stewed organic apricot puree topped with our homemade custard and almonds.  


Rabdi (GF) 

All the goodness of whole milk and cream reduced to a thick consistency with Spanish Saffron and cardamom. Similar to a velvety cheesecake.  


DISCLAIMER: When menu and/or price changes are made, those changes may not be immediately reflected on this web site. The pictures shown in the menu are an indication of the how the dish looks like. The serving and quantity of the dish may not be the same.

* Some menu items may contain MSG. Ask about about food allergies before ordering.
* (GF) Gluten free, (V) Vegan

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